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AF Repairing ® technique

“AF Repairing ™”, is a revolutionary surgical procedure to repair varicose veins on the lower limbs by eliminating varicose dilations during surgery.

Specific alterations in veins are detected by means of ultrasound and information technology, and in this way, the correction of venous circulation can then be planned. Contrary to traditional procedures which remove or destroy main veins, “AF Repairing™” corrects and repairs varicose veins by means of small titanium devices which perform the function of valves placed outside veins, thus allowing optimal functional and aesthetic results without leaving marks or scars.

In addition, since this advanced technique does not remove main veins such as the great saphenous vein, it allows for its future use in coronary or peripheral arteries by-pass as in the case of diabetic patients or smokers who suffer from artery obstruction.

Advantages of this technique

There are plenty of advantages if we take into account that there is no removal or destruction of main veins as in the case of traditional methods. The procedure consists of “repairing” veins without removing them, thus leaving them intact and avoiding trauma. Varicose dilations disappear during surgery due to the indirect effect of titanium valves and the correction of venous circulation. This technique is performed on local or regional anesthesia, so it is painless, recovery is almost immediate, and it requires less surgical time than other procedures. On the one hand, the fact that this procedure is not traumatic has evident aesthetic advantages as it does not leave marks or scars.

On the other hand, main veins are preserved such as the great saphenous vein, which becomes available for use in coronary or peripheral by-pass.

The application of this procedure on obese and diabetic patients is particularly successful due to minimal incisions which make it possible to locate valves, thus facilitating scarring and reducing the risk of thrombosis or venous blood clots by cutting down surgical time.

• It eliminates varicose veins without removing veins

• It is esthetic as it does not leave marks or scars

• Surgery is performed on local or regional anesthesia

• It is painless

• Recovery is immediate

• It preserves main veins

• It can be performed on obese and diabetic patients


• To control excess weight

• To exercise adequately (swimming, biking, walking)

• To keep your feet elevated when sitting or lying down.

• To avoid standing still for long periods of time

• To avoid the use of hot wax on legs

• To avoid wearing tight clothes

• To wear low heels

• To avoid sunbathing for long hours

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